PT Menjangan Pulung Jaya

Your partner as a provider of fertilizer, seeds and the agricultural and plantation goods sector

PT Menjangan Pulung Jaya

As a multi-national company engaged in Agribusiness, specifically Trading and Distribution of fertilizers, Agrochemicals (agricultural chemicals, agricultural medicines/pesticides), Seeds (agricultural seeds) and agricultural equipment
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MPJ Vision

Being a company engaged in Agribusiness as a provider of fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural and plantation goods sector with quality and quality standards in achieving added value to agricultural products, Horticulture and Indonesian plantations.

MPJ Mission

  • Providing agricultural seeds, fertilizers and supporting facilities for agriculture and plantations in order to meet the needs of consumers with good and certified quality.
  • Establish a good partnership in the long term with a number of principals on the basis of mutual cooperation and mutual benefit. Prioritizing the empowerment of work synergies and places of work for employees in achieving the welfare of employees and the surrounding community
  • Realizing company management by referring to international standards that are professional in the business field.

Business Development Focus

PT Menjangan Pulung Jaya has been active since 2016 in the agricultural sector which is one of the important sectors in the survival of the community by prioritizing superior products. We as partner for farmers and parties who have contributed to the regional and national scale throughout Indonesia.

We are ready to help the process of growing plants in Indonesia optimally to provide solutions in Agribusiness and prioritize the needs that exist within the country by distributing subsidized fertilizers.

PT Menjangan Pulung Jaya has superior products in its commitment as a partner. For regional / national business / agriculture practitioners we have following superior products :

  1. NPK Fertilizer (Buamax)
  2. Solid Organic Fertilizer (Takesa)
  3. Dolomite Fertilizer (M-100)
  4. Liquid Biofertilizer (Mulya Tani)
  5. Strainght Fertilizer


Soil fertility is very helpful for plant growth with various components in it. Including land in Indonesia which is relatively fertile, has a tropical climate and fairly regular weather, has sufficient river flow, dams and irrigation so that it can increase agricultural biodiversity and soil productivity in the long term.

Distribution and marketing of PT Menjangan Pulung Jaya which has been successfully carried out in several areas including:

  1. Banyuwangi District office
  2. Palu District Office
  3. Aceh District office
  4. Padang District Office
  5. East Java Agriculture Service

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